Our team at Claim Experts 4 U work tirelessly on behalf of our clients and those in need of our services. Unfortunately, many clients come to us after having been the victim of mis-sold and fraudulent financial products.

We judge every claim on an individual basis and listen to the needs of our clients and the circumstances surrounding their claims. Our team put a lot of time and effort into making sure we put forward the best possible argument, so we gain a successful result and money back for our clients.

This is why we are so proud to share with our readers when we have successfully reclaimed money for clients who have been through a particularly stressful and financially draining experience. In 2019 we were instructed to act on behalf of a couple who had been the victim of a fraudulent holiday product scheme that cost them thousands of pounds and years of worry and stress.

In 2013 our clients attended a presentation selling a lifestyle and concierge package. They were told this valuable product would cost £15,000 and for that price they would receive luxury holidays, discounted goods and flights and have access to a range of other highly discounted items. Following a nearly full day’s high-pressure sales presentation our clients informed the sales representative that they could not possibly afford to purchase this product at this price and so the seller agreed to lower the price to £12,000. Our clients then explained that although they did not intend to spend this amount of money they felt completely worn down by the sales rep and under extreme pressure to sign up there and then. They were told by the sales agent that this deal was only available on that day and if they declined, they would not be able to benefit from all the offers this package included. Furthermore, our clients were not left alone to think and talk to each other about making such a big important financial decision, instead they were pressured into signing up on the spot.

They agreed to pay a reduced price of £12,000 and paid a deposit to the seller. Our clients then arranged to make further payments on a monthly basis. It was not until they went to make their second payment of £2,000 it became clear that the seller was not providing the service and that the product had been mis-sold to them. In fact, they later learned that the product was completely worthless and that the directors of the company had been charged with various criminal offences relating to the lifestyle and concierge package they were selling.

Thankfully, our clients were directed to contact the team here at Claim Experts 4 U and we have been able to successfully argue their case and get their money back plus interest.

If you feel you or someone you know may have become the victim of this type of fraud, get in touch with us today. We hear from hundreds of clients who have been in similar situations and lost thousands of pounds. Our team are experts in these types of claims, and we will guide you through the process of reclaiming your money.

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