We are claims experts, with many years of experience in handling consumer claims. We operate an ethical and complete claims handling solution to consumers who have suffered financial detriment, as a consequence of being mis-sold or had misrepresented a product or service. One of the most important part of our jobs is listening to our clients and making sure we are providing them with the best possible service. This ensures we have all the relevant information to put forward a successful argument in order to win back money for products and services that have been mis-sold. We are experts in presenting claims, something that comes with many years of experience. A perfectly reasonable and legitimate claim can be ruined if it is incorrectly pleaded. If a claim has been presented badly it could compromise the opportunity to make a successful claim in the future.

We spend a great deal of time making sure we put forward the best possible claims for our clients and because of this have great success rates. That is also why we enjoy sharing our success with other people who may be going through a similar scenario or thinking about making a claim.

Our recent success story involves some clients who fell victim to a timeshare termination scam after their resort refused to relinquish their contract. In 2016 our clients were approached by a company selling a lifestyle and concierge package which included a timeshare termination. They were told they could access exclusive deals and offers with their scheme that were not available elsewhere. The package would cost them £10,000 but the sales agent explained that they would be able to recoup this money in savings over the years. Our clients explained they simply could not afford this as they were still paying for their original timeshare and so the salesperson dramatically reduced the price to £5,000. Our clients were so desperate to be rid of the timeshare burden they agreed to sign up there and then.

It was not until some months later when they attempted to access some of these exclusive offers and deals that they realised what they had purchased was totally worthless. In fact, on further investigation they learned that the directors of this company were actually being investigated for fraud and the company had ceased trading altogether. They were soon directed to the team here at Claim Experts 4 u and fortunately we have been able to claim back all monies they paid to this fraudulent company plus interest.

If you feel you or someone you know may have become the victim of this type of fraud, get in touch with us today. We hear from hundreds of clients who have been in similar situations and lost thousands of pounds. Our team are experts in these types of claims and we will guide you through the process of reclaiming your money.

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