Claims Experts 4 U were instructed to act on behalf of Mr and Mrs B from Nottinghamshire after they got in touch with our team to discuss their solar panel installation, they felt was mis-sold to them.

In 2018 they were visited in their home by a salesperson who was offering a fantastic deal on solar panels which would save them money on their energy bills. The solar panel salesperson explained that in purchasing them panels, they would be able to sell back electricity to the National Grid and they would make significant sums of money through producing their own energy this way. This would also reduce the cost of their overall bills. They also made claims that the amount of money saved ad recovered through the National Grid would be ample enough to cover repayments on the loan they would need to take out to purchase them.

After a half day of enduring a high-pressure sales presentation, our clients agreed to pay the purchase price of £10,000 and signed up to a loan agreement with a separate finance company. In March, this year they contacted Claims Experts 4 U after failing to see any of the promised benefits from having the solar panels fitted. In fact, all the representations made by the salesperson were false. The amounts saved over this period of time and the amount recovered from the sale of electricity fell far short of the loan repayments they were making to the finance company. Nearly two years down the line, our clients were actually in a significantly worse position.

After arguing a successful claim to the finance company, the money has been repaid to our clients in full and they are no longer burdened with repaying an unaffordable loan and free from the stress this caused them. If you have had a similar experience and were mis-led into purchasing solar panels our team of solar panel claims experts can help you make a compensation claim. We may be able to pursue a claim even if the company who sold you the panels has since gone out of business. This may be subject to how you paid for the panels i.e. loan finance or credit card purchase in part or full.

History of Solar Panel Mis-selling
Solar panel companies have been mis-selling the benefits of solar panels, having consumers believe that it was a way to save money on their electricity bills and earn money on their investment at the time by selling electricity back to the National Grid for a guaranteed amount, this is what is known as a “feeding tariff”.
Many companies misled their customers into believing that they would make these savings and make money however, these claims have proven to be, in many cases grossly exaggerated.
Many of the solar panel installations were purchased using loan finance or credit, leaving their customers with expensive monthly loan payments with no way of covering the cost of the installation and the purchase of the solar panels.
Following an investigation by the consumer group Which? In 2011, it was discovered that 9/12 companies selling solar panels gave inaccurate estimates about how much energy they would actually produce, and 7 out of 12 failed to survey the panel installation correctly leaving the panels in a shaded area which affected the panels ability to produce the promised amount of electricity.
This along with the aggressive nature in which the solar panels were sold as left many consumers in debt and having to repay substantial loans and finance.