In 2020 Claims Experts 4 U were instructed to act on behalf of a client who entered into a financial agreement with a company who were selling solar panels. Our client entered into the agreement on the basis that the panels would help save money on electricity bills and they would pay for themselves as any excess energy they produced could be sold back to The National Grid and this money would pay for the loan that would be needed to pay for the panels. Unfortunately, this was not the case at all, and our client was left substantially out of pocket because she was lied to and pressured into signing up to an unaffordable loan repayment scheme.

Solar panel companies have been mis-selling these schemes for years, mainly because they mis-lead consumers into believing that it is a viable way to save money on their bills and in the long run they can earn money from The National Grid. They also mis-lead people to believe these Solar Panels are in fact an investment when they are not. These claims have proven to be extremely exaggerated in most cases and instead of making money, people have been left with debts in their names because of them. For most people who signed up, they did so using finance agreements, leaving them with expensive monthly loan repayments, because of this consumer group Which? Launched an investigation in 2011 and discovered that a staggering 9 out of 12 companies gave inaccurate estimates about how much energy consumers could produce from their solar panel purchases.

This very mis-leading and inaccurate information is exactly why many of our clients come to us to seek help in getting out of unaffordable contracts that offer virtually no benefit to them. Our client entered into such an agreement in 2015 after enduring a high-pressure sales presentation that lasted for hours. The seller simply would not take no for an answer and when our client explained they could not afford the hefty £15,000 price tag, they agreed to drop it to just over £5,000. Eventually our client gave in and signed up to the finance agreement being offered by the salesperson. It was not until 2020 our client got in contact with the team here at Claims Experts 4 U, after years of paying for the loan and seeing no benefits whatsoever. The amount saved and the amount recovered from the sale of the electricity fell far from short of the loan repayments and our client was left substantially worse off because of it.

Thankfully after arguing the case to the finance company we have been able to reclaim all the money paid to this company plus interest. They have also had the solar panels removed from the property and the whole ordeal is finally over with.

If you have been in a similar situation and feel you were mis-sold solar panels, you could be eligible to make a claim for the money back you have paid so far plus interest. So, get in touch with our team and see if you are eligible to make a claim or simply have a chat about your options. We are experts in dealing with these types of claims.